Grand Geneva Say “I Do” Photo Contest – Bob & Sandra – A Special Place

03 Aug, 2010

Bob and Sandra were married at the Grand Geneva Resort on October 10, sovaldi sale 2009.

Here is their story and photo submission for the Grand Geneva Say “I Do” Photo Contest.

Bob & Sandra

The Grand Geneva Resort and Spa holds a special place in our hearts.  It started as our get-away spot.  While we visited the resort we enjoyed watching the other wedding ceremonies on the grounds.  Quietly and to ourselves, we knew that someday we would be married.   We actually “kidded” with each other about “having a gathering where we stand in front of all those people….”  We laughed often about how neither one of us could say wedding.  The on August 16, 2008, while strolling near the Fairview location and after dining a Ristorante Brissago, Bob asked me to marry him.  We planned our wedding around being married outside on the exact spot where Bob proposed marriage!  Unfortunately the weather on October 10, 2009 did not cooperate and the ceremony was held indoors.  The day was bright enough to have a few photos taken at that very special spot, which is the photo I selected to send to you. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary at the Grand Geneva Resort and Spa would complete this story!

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