Grand Geneva Say “I Do” Photo Contest – Christopher & Heather – Memorable Moments

03 Aug, 2010

Christopher and Heather were married at the Grand Geneva Resort on December 13, treat 2008

Here is their story and photo submission for the Grand Geneva Say “I Do” Photo Contest.

Christopher & Heather

There are many memorable moments from our wedding day, cialis sale but one of my favorite memories was when we were taking photos at the resort. A little girl pointed at me and said “look mommy, a princess.” She truly captured how I felt that day. We were married December 13, order 2008, and had large number of people coming from out of town for the wedding, so we wanted a place where our guests could relax and enjoy themselves, no matter what old man winter had in store. The Grand Geneva Resort and Spa with their outstanding service, numerous activities, and superb hospitality was the perfect place. Additionally, the magnificent food, service, and décor in the ballrooms made for one of the most spectacular weddings I have ever experienced. Our wedding day was truly magical, and to this day we get complements.

Like so many people, the tough economy has presented challenges for us since the wedding. I was laid off 6 days after we were married, and our job situation has meant some long stints living in different states. The challenges we faced made our love and commitment even stronger, and we know that if we can make it through this, we can make it through anything. This December we are looking forward to our second anniversary, and would love to be able to celebrate it at the same place where we celebrated our first magical day and night as husband and wife.

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