Arts & Crafts with Billie Jean: Colored Noodle Jewelry

02 Feb, 2011

Being the Activities Coordinator at Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark, Billie Jean is full of fun arts and crafts ideas. Follow along each month as Billie Jean show you some of her favorite recipes for guaranteed fun!

This month, Billie Jean is making COLORED NOODLE JEWELRY.


Supplies: Newspaper, Food Coloring (neon or regular), Pasta Noodles (most kinds will work, the tube noodles & ones with holes in the middle work for making

necklaces. Other kinds work for Noodle art pictures), Gallon Size Ziploc Bags, Rubbing Alcohol, Plastic Gloves

Cover work space with newspaper & put on a pair of plastic gloves

Pour one box of noodles into Ziploc bag

Add 3 capfuls of rubbing alcohol

Close bag & mix noodles in rubbing alcohol

Add 4-5 drops of food coloring (you can add more depending on how bright you want the noodles to be!)

Close bag & mix until noodles are well covered in the coloring

Spread colored noodles on newspaper to dry (noodles will dry in about 15-30 mins)

Store colored noodles in Ziploc bags or other sealed containers

You can string the noodles to make necklaces or bracelets & also use them to make creative noodle art pictures on construction paper!

Now’s your time to be creative and have fun!

Follow the link to find out more about arts & crafts at Timber Ridge Lodge.

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