Kleefisch visit focuses on Travel Green at Grand Geneva

24 May, 2011

Link to Original Article: Lake Geneva News

On Friday, check May 13th, Kleefisch stood at a podium outside the main Grand Geneva Resort building with the Brute golf course as the backdrop, talking to local business people, area Chamber of Commerce members and elected officials about tourism in the state, cheap which is a $12.3 billion industry, including $414 million alone in Walworth County.

“I think that is something worth applauding, decease ” Kleefisch announced to a small crowd of local stakeholders.

She said despite the recession, it appears as though the travel and tourism industry is starting to recover. She also was quick to talk about Travel Green Wisconsin, an initiative she said will set Wisconsin apart in environmental travel and tourism. She said local businesses in the Lake Geneva area, including the Grand Geneva, have grabbed onto the Travel Green concept.

Listen to her speech below!

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