New 2012 Golf Products available through The Grand Geneva Rental Club

10 Feb, 2012

Since it’s getting so close to the start of the 2012 golf season we wanted to talk about the new 2012 Golf Products that are coming out this season.

New to the Grand Geneva Rental Club: TaylorMade White Out

The “WHITE OUT” is in full force. TaylorMade started last season with the New R11 and Burner 2.0 Superfast white headed golf clubs and they took over the market. Every Sunday almost half of the PGA Tour players had a White driver, white fairway woods and even white hybrids in their bags. The trend has continued and Taylrmade has even went to a new level.

The Taylor Made "WHITE OUT"


TaylorMade R11S and RocketBallz

The new TaylorMade R11S and RocketBallz line is still white but has added more technology that has never been seen before. The R11 S driver had added more adjustability with loft and face angle that will help golfers of all levels max out their launch angle and spin rate which in turn will maximize distance and control.


TaylorMade R11S and RocketBallz line

The New RocketBallz fairways and hybrids may absolete everything else on the Market. The New Speedslot technology has added a thinner face and lower center of gravity that will produce on average a 15 yard increase over any product golfers have played in the past. The new RocketBallz irons are going to test the limits of accuracy and distance like we have never seen before.

Grand Geneva will have all products in our New 2012 rental club program as well as numerous demo clubs available for anyone to try the most incredible new technology in golf ever!

We will also be hosting a fitting day on Friday May 18th from 4-7 pm.

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  1. Walter Heller
    February 10, 2012

    White is right,i own the burner 2.0 driver and 3 wood!

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