The Charlie Rice Ski & Ride Academy Benefits Children on and off the slopes.

20 Feb, 2012

The Charlie Rice Ski & Ride Academy at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa provides children’s programs that not only develop skiing or boarding skills but also allows for growth in social skills.

Here we provide specialized equipment, pharm appropriate terrain and instructors certified to provide safety, fun and learning to insure  success and self confidence.  The Charlie Rice Snow Sports School is expert in delivering personalized ski instruction experiences to children in a relaxed non competitive setting.

The instructors emphasize learning by doing.  Positioned at various stations on the training hill the instructors keep the children moving and direct them to perform various tasks.  Using special props and cartoon themed guides, sales the children soon learn to control speed, turn and stop.  Parents marvel at the progress made in a short time.


After experiencing our programs, the following are observations some parents expressed comparing team sports VS individual ski training.

Others provide Skiing as a Team Sport

TEAM organized coach-driven experiences through school or club organizations emphasize winning as the objective and create a high degree of competition.  These activities require a specific number of team players and facilities. Practice and event scheduling can control a family’s calendar. Youth teams are age, size and weight specific. The parents don’t participate along with their children and after a few years, participation often drops off.

We provide Individual Ski Training in Groups

SKI TRAINING emphasizes individual goals while in a group setting as children receive personalized instruction. Measurement of success is not dependent on team performance (scoring). Children advance at their own rate as they interact with each other in a fun exciting adventure – sharing the same passion without judging each other. As the children progress they can free ski with their parents in an all-family experience for years. This early training leads to an activity one can enjoy for a lifetime.

Here at Grand Geneva, two ski and snowboard programs are offered to families which help their children progress through our safe, fun and skill progressions:

The Snow Cubs for 4-6 year olds, and the Mountain Mite for 6-14 year olds.

Snow cubs:  4 – 6 yrs.

Classes are available Sat-Sun, at 10 am and 12:30 pm, lasting an hour and a half, within a group setting, utilizing the Wonder

Carpet area as the child progresses.  Reservations can be made two weeks in advance; single session are available. Helmet use is mandatory.

Mountain Mites: 6-14years.

Select a series of three week sessions on either Saturdays or Sundays throughout January and February.  Classes begin promptly and run 11 am – 2:30 pm. Students are placed in class based on age and ability level.  Helmet use is mandatory.

Kids learn skills under the supervision of professionally trained instructors, using a specialized teaching system.  Mountain Mites is fun for all!  Beginners to advanced students; children spend a lot of time on the snow having a great time and becoming better skiers or snowboarders.

Come skiing with us!

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