Fresh is the best: Chef Michael puts seasonal ingredients at the forefront.

19 Aug, 2012

Chef Michael has a way with fresh ingredients.

Probably because he enthusiastically pairs his palette pleasing ingredients like an artist pairs his colors.

The fresh grouper is flown in from Florida, sick rubbed with Moroccan spices and cooked to perfection, giving this delicious fish a warm and subtle flavor that just begs to be paired with our garden-fresh vegetables.

The sweet corn comes right from our own garden for that undeniable bite of crisp freshness. As he explains in this video, here Chef Michael quickly grills the corn to add a sweetness that can’t be beat. Add in our heirloom tomatoes and cilantro to make a mouthwatering relish, case and this meal leaves the taste buds happy – and it’s so light and fresh, you’ll be asking for more!

Chef Michael Sawin is the Executive Chef of the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. While running the daily culinary operations of the award-winning Geneva ChopHouse Restaurant and Ristoranté Brissago, his passion for cooking with fresh ingredients is obvious – visit us and taste for yourself!

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