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31 Jan, 2013

Winter is here! That means extra measures in keeping yourself looking and feeling great through the blustery months ahead! Be sure to check out our spa specials to keep yourself healthy and happy this winter.

Seasonal Special (for the month of February) 

Red Hot Cinnamon Services:

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with our Red Hot Cinnamon massages, scrubs and pedicures.

– Red Hot Cinnamon Massage 50-minutes $135, 80-minutes $205
     – Red Hot Cinnamon Scrub 50-minutes $120
     – Red Hot Cinnamon Pedicure 50-minutes $75

Double Dip Duo Massage

Book an 80-minute Tables for Two Massage during the month of February and receive complimentary Chocolate covered Strawberries and Champagne in celebration of “Love”.

80-minute Tables for Two Massage $370

To get that great expiernece at home here’s an easy, step-by-step project to make your own cinnamon oil from our team…

Things you’ll need:

– Cinnamon sticks
– Pure vegetable oil, ideally olive oil
– A large amber glass bottle, several small glass bottles for storing the oil


1- Get a large glass jar, preferably amber or green glass. A wide mouth with straight side (like in the picture) is referable for ease in pouring and straining out the ingredients.


2- Fill the jar as tightly as you can with cinnamon sticks.


3- Pour the olive oil over the cinnamon sticks until they are covered with oil.


4- Leave the jar to stand in a warm spot, like a windowsill. Shake the jar daily to help release the cinnamon oils into the base oil.


5- After about three weeks, the oils in the cinnamon sticks will have been released into the oil, and you will have cinnamon oil. Strain with a cheesecloth or something similar, or just pull the cinnamon sticks out of the oil with your fingers. Bottle the oil in amber glass bottles, and store them in a cool, dark place.


Tips and warnings:

– The amber (or any other dark-colored) glass helps to keep your oil from going bad.

– Green glass is okay, however, blue glass is not.

– These instructions make diluted cinnamon oil, not essential oil.

– The fresher cinnamon sticks you use, the stronger and better the oil wil be.

– Do not forget your oil, and leave it in the sun longer than three weeks, or it will go rancid.

Even though the oil is not essential oil, please still use caution, as essential cinnamon oil will burn unprotected skin.


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