Grand Geneva 45th Anniversary Contest Winners

15 Mar, 2013


We’ve  been home to many memories for several years. We appreciated you sharing all of your heartwarming entries, during our memories contest. After  pouring over more than 50 stories, we finally managed to pick our winner!

Congratulations to Kristin Birkholz! Here is her fond memory of growing up with Grand Geneva:

“When I was a young girl, my father was in a band. His band would play from time to time at the Playboy Club. I remember we went there as a family and I thought the place was so fancy, so gorgeous. It was such a pretty place, I remember it felt like we were in a whole different place, far, far away. I remember the lights that lined the hallways, I remember the “glass” floor by the pool. The pool was incredible and beautiful to me, even though I was so small.

When I was in high school it transformed to Americana. My friends and I would ski the slopes. It was so much fun, so many good memories of that hill, the chalet, riding on the ski lift. It was a time when we didn’t worry about how cold the weather was, we were happy when it snowed, we were thrilled to be outside. I even went down the face of the mountain!

When it changed to the Grand Geneva, I went to the spa for massages, I had a membership and took exercise classes. I much needed some time for myself. After I married and started a family of my own, I brought my own son to Timber Lodge for the swimming and a getaway weekend. He loved it. We all loved it. We even brought grandma and grandpa along. It made me think of all of the time that I spent there as a child, as a teenager. During the Christmas season, we went to see the lights. More memories made for me, my husband, and for my son.I long to stay at Grand Geneva again, would love to start an annual tradition. Now I have four little children, and I look forward to creating even more memories for them. Thank you Grand Geneva, for remaining a special gem.”

We would also like to mention our runners up! Congratulations to Second Place Stefanie Murauskas and Third Place Constance Neven! Thank you to everyone who submitted their fondest memory of Grand Geneva, and we hope you continue to celebrate our 45th Anniversary with us all year.

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