Part 2 – 5 Things Hotels Will Never Tell You, But we want you to know

30 Sep, 2014

Ahhhh the spaaaaa…. How could it go so wrong! Your reservation got lost, luckily they squeezed you in right away meaning no time to relax before hand. You’re pretty sure there was a fungus growing in the sauna and you had to shower off the weird smelly lotion they rubbed all over you making you late for dinner.

“Hold the fungus on our treatment please”

No one should ever have to deal with a disappointing spa visit and we are here to make sure that never happens again! The WELL Spa + Salon at Grand Geneva believes that every spa experience should be top notch. That is why we are bringing you part 2 of the 5 part series  “5 Things a Hotel will Never Tell You, But we Think You Should Know”.

Lesson 2: Maximize your visit to the Spa

hot lava shell massage

Let your stress melt under the hot lava shell massage.

Do your homework! And no, we don’t mean your geometry homework from the 10th grade. Read up on the spa offerings, what types of services are offered, how long they are and what products are used. WELL Spa + Salon’s Massage Therapist, Krista R. says there are so many different types of massages offered that it’s best to get an idea of what you want or like before you head into the treatment room. Ask about seasonal specials or products like the Honey Cider Massage featuring seasonal FarmHouse Fresh products. Once you’re there, don’t be afraid to speak up! Krista says that the therapists rely on you tell them what you want, whether it’s to work one area more than others, for more or less pressure, or if you don’t like a product that is being used.

lake geneva spa

Krista’s Best Tip: Arrive 30-45 minutes early.

Krista’s Best Tip: Call ahead to confirm your appointment time then arrive 30-45 minutes early. You’ll want to take advantage of everything the WELL Spa has to offer. From the relaxation lounge to the Himalayan salt hot tub and sauna to post massage lunch and pedicures, you could easily spend half your stay just exploring all the different ways to relax at the WELL Spa Lake Geneva.

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