Part 4 – 5 Things Hotels Will Never Tell You, But we want you to know

30 Sep, 2014

So you’re on vacation. You’ve been gallivanting through town all day and you are starting to get a little hangry (hungry+angry=hangry). Instead of fighting the crowds of people congregating and what seems like the only place downtown that’s serving food you decide to make your way back to your hotel and eat yourself into a coma. Only to find out that the hotel restaurant is out of like 1/2 of the menu and the appetizer they just set down on your table vaguely resembles the gunk you scrapped off your shoe after your trip to the dog park with Rufas.

No one should ever suffer through a bad meal on vacation and the team at Grand Geneva is here to make sure that never happens!  That is why we are bringing you part 4 of the 5 part series  “5 Things a Hotel will Never Tell You, But we Think You Should Know”.

Lesson 4: Dine at the Resort

Hand Made Guitar String Pasta Lobster Pecorino

Tagalitelli con l’Aragosta Lemirandi Hand Made Guitar String Pasta Lobster Pecorino

Like we stated in Lesson 3, the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa is like a “mini city” everything you need is right down the hall, including a great meal! Ristorante Brissago is just one of the many dining options on the Grand Geneva grounds, rated as one of Lake Geneva’s Favorites and Top 10 in Wisconsin. While you may not be able to pronounce the name of this restaurant or over half of the dishes on the menu General Manager Thomas S. does not want you to be intimidated. All of the names are in Italian, but don’t worry there is a lovely description of each item in English underneath. If you still can’t decide ask your server for a tour of the menu. Each server and chef is trained to know the ins and outs of our menu featuring Northern Italian cuisine, says Thomas.

Thomas' best tip: You don't have to know wine to have a great drink.

Thomas’ best tip: You don’t have to know wine to have a great drink.

Thomas’ best tip: You don’t have to know wine to have a great drink. The wine list at Ristorante Brissago sources great Italian wines as well as domestic features that are more recognizable and pair great with our locally sourced products that are used in the kitchen. Ask your server to recommend a wine or take a stab at the list yourself.

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