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30 Oct, 2015

Recently Grand Geneva released a book, “A Grand Tale” The History of Grand Geneva Resort & Spa.

In order to celebrate the book and everyone who contributed to the book, Grand Geneva hosted a book launch party this past fall. The party was full of those that contributed to the book, past playboy bunnies, and those that worked at the Playboy Club Hotel, Americana, and the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. The party was meant to promote the book, but most of all celebrate the people that made it all happen and the memories. The guests shared memories, photos, and laughs and got more pictures to look back on in the future.

Some of the attendees included the former mayor, recording studio engineer, the son of Playboy’s entertainment director, former bunnies, former playboy photographer, the bunny mother, former recording studio manager,  family members of those who owned the original farmland, the seamstress for the Playboy bunnies, Playboy maitre’d, former Playboy managing director, the former bellman for Playboy, former Grand Geneva executives,  Convention & Visitor Bureau executives, the Marcus family, and photographers and writers. Also guests of the hotel that stayed or had time shares during the Playboy Club Hotel days.

History is priceless and that’s why the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa thought it would be important to capture the history in a book that could be officially recorded for all. Grand Geneva had so many pictures from the past that they couldn’t just keep it to themselves. That’s what makes this place so fascinating! Grand Geneva’s layout is different, the decor is different, and the history is different. Not every hotel and resort has to be a state of the art modern facility. We’re proud that our property has a certain uniqueness that belongs to it. Not only is the layout different – built in inspiration of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture – but every once in a while you’ll hear a story from the days when it was the Playboy Club, there is even an employee that still works here that was a Lifeguard back in the Playboy days. How cool.

One of the neatest stories was of a bunny named Sandy who was an employee during the Playboy Club Hotel days – to the Americana – to a concierge at the Grand Geneva Resort, who finally retired in 2011. She even waited on Hue Hefner and you can read about her experiences in the book! Find out what other famous people she met while working. We were so fortunate that these people stuck around in order to give us a glimpse into the past with their stories and pictures and now it has turned into a book.

The book is more than just about the Playboy days though, it explains the Marcus Years, and has many interesting facts – for example, “many of Grand Geneva’s meeting rooms are named after original Geneva Lake estates.” To create the book was quite the process, with so many people contributing, there were many sets of eyes and countless approvals, but it’s here today and we are so proud of it.

Check out the memories in the back of the book, it’s neat that some of the people that work at Grand Geneva somehow still have connections to the history somehow.

The book is available for purchase in the White River Gift Shop for $19.95. We hope you enjoy it!

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Lisa Wilke

Marketing Manager at Grand Geneva

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