Thanks John, for 30 years

19 Feb, 2016

We want to thank John Bahr for his 30 years of service as a Ski Lift Operator at The Mountain Top!

DSC_0070John first became a Ski Lift Operator not even knowing how to ski but he loved being outdoors and really enjoyed the interaction with people. “So many people have stories to tell,” he says. John started working at the ski hill when the Playboy Club had shut down for a couple of years and the ski hill was operating independently by Geneva Ski Corporation. Then he worked under the ownership of the Americana to the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. A positive memory he recalls was the ski hill expansion, they cleared out the brush and took out trees so that there could be a bigger ski area; where John’s photo is taken used to be filled with trees and the bunny hills were non-existent.

Of course John decided that he needed to learn how to ski, so he started on the bunny hill just like everyone else. He now skis after his shifts and it’s one of his favorite activities. John says, “If you want to be a great Ski Lift Operator, learn how to ski yourself. You’ll be able to anticipate and learn what to watch for because you’re more aware of the skiers balance and can tell if they are about ready to fall or when they may need help.”One of the tasks of Lift Operators is to make sure the skier is ready to load onto the chair at the proper time, John wears a cowboy hat to get the skiers attention, especially the kids.

Chad Hart, Director of Ski says, “It’s fun to work with someone who has seen so much and always has a story to tell. John is a positive influence to others, we appreciate him and his dedicated work.”



The Mountain Top specializes in Ski and and Snow Sports and is a Burton Learn to Ride Center, offering family ski and lessons, rentals, group discounts, season passes, season specials and annual events.  The Mountain Top also offers ice skating, sledding, snow shoeing, and other winter activities. You can grab a package at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa that includes skiing or snowboarding too.

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