Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark Fun Facts

15 Jul, 2016


In the midst of summer, there’s no better place to hang out than the pool. Even better, the 50,000 square foot Moose Mountain Falls at Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark offers plenty of splashes and sunbathing for all.  The sister property to neighboring Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Timber Ridge is an all-suite destination that caters to families and groups with 225 expansive rooms that are ideal for families as they are all either one- or two-bedroom suites. Each suite comes with either 4 or 6 passes to the waterpark, which is by far the biggest draw.

Moose Mountain Falls is an indoor/outdoor offering which is open year-round to overnight guests only. With 6 pools, 6 indoor slides, 3 outdoor slides, and several hot tubs, there are no shortages of places to play. Slides start as high as 35-feet-high and offer an epic 300-foot adventure of twists and turns. Coming this fall, Moose Mountain Falls will have the second slide in the U.S. to offer both a light show and music for the ride down. Guests will be able to choose from eight songs and in addition, photos are taken while riding the slide and will be available for guests to post to social media.

Fun facts about Timber Ridge Lodge & Waterpark:

  • Timber Ridge has 5 mascots on property:
    • Bruce the Moose: The official host of Moose Mountain Falls
    • Chelsea the Chipmunk: Loves to play, watch movies and eat, and can be found at the cinema and activity center
    • Trader Jack: Caretaker of treasures in the gift shop; he also travels the world
    • Smokey Joe: The camp cook
    • Crazy Coyote: Heavyweight champion of the on-property arcade with over 60 games
  • The different areas of the waterpark include:
    • Tiny Timbers: With swings, slides, spouts and a mushroom waterfall, this area is ideal for the youngest guests
    • Activity Pool: Great for kids age 7 to 10, there is a rope climb, water basketball court, and slides
    • Canyon River: The 500-foot lazy river can be floated in either single or double tubes
    • Timber Rapids and Avalanche Falls: Perched 30-feet above Moose Mountain Falls, the Timber Rapids slide sends guests flying on either a single or double tube. Meanwhile Avalanche Falls is a covered slide, which is used without a tube
    • Hot Tubs: Moose Mountain Falls has an indoor/outdoor hot tub that is open year round, even in the winter!
  • The pools hold over 250,000 gallons of water (The lazy river alone holds 110,000 gallons of water)
  • There is a turtle that greets all the guests in the river
  • There are four kinds of leafy trees in the waterpark
  • The deepest part of the pool is 4 feet deep
  • Timber Ridge is a green-certified hotel, with several practices installed at the waterpark itself to reduce consumption


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