3 Ways to Build Your Team at Grand Geneva

20 Jun, 2017

While we know groups tend to naturally gravitate toward spa and golf when they host a retreat at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, recent trends show corporate groups also want team building activities. We’ve got a whole menu to fit the bill!

We can already see you rolling your eyes at the thought of team building… stop it! We’re not talking name games or icebreakers. We’re facilitating real challenges that inspire your inner competitor. Think bike building and The Amazing Race. Our activities develop collaboration skills while inspiring your colleagues to form bonds outside the office setting.

Here are the top three team building activities Grand Geneva helps groups with:

  1. Grand Race
    This scavenger hunt based activity will get your team moving in the same direction. Broken into teams, your group will see the sights of the Grand Geneva by working together to follow the clues. At each location they will make a pose and snap a picture for proof. Along the way they will scan the property for trivia information and for hidden or rare items that can be found in the many hallways. This race can be customized for outside or inside, slower or quicker pace, and can even be moved to cover the Lake Geneva Area if requested. The winners will be awarded with Bragging Rights Medals to show off for all to see.
  2. Guacamole and Mojito Mix Off
    Need to fit a break into a busy meeting schedule? Are you looking for an appetizer to go with your banquets meal? Guacamole and Mojitos are the perfect way to squeeze some teamwork into a busy schedule. In this culinary challenge teams will mix a bowl of guacamole and pour a mojito to accompany. Both the guacamole and the mojito will be judged, as well as the team’s short advertisement. After a winner has been chosen, participants will be able to try the team’s creation.
  3. Build a Bike
    We start by splitting your team into groups, then the teams have to work their way through various challenges, winning these challenges gives the teams an advantage during the race stage of the event. These challenges are customized based on the needs of your group. Next, teams work together to assemble a children’s bike. The bikes will be checked for safety and then sent to the challenge course for a quick race. Time is added for missed obstacles and winning challenges in the beginning will give you bonuses. Finally, local kids will receive the bikes that your group has made!

And if those don’t fill your appetite, your group can finish with a Pizza Challenge!

If you’re ready for the challenge, check out our menu of team building activities and send us a Request for Proposal so we can start working on your itinerary. Even better, plan an overnight getaway – its way better than a grade school lock-in. We promise.

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