Mini Golf at Timber Ridge Waterpark

04 Aug, 2017


Written by Elodie Demmon

Just beyond the twists and turns of the epic waterpark slides at Timber Ridge stretches an equally epic eighteen-hole mini golf course fit for all ages. For just $3, resort guests can test their skills to master the winding greens of both The Bruce and Chelsea’s Chip Shot. Guests can pick either of the 9-hole courses to begin with and return to put-put their way through the next course of their choice to finish the job. Can you make it under the fire place, below the airplane and into the skee-ball shot to conquer the course? Before you prepare for a round filled with hills, bridges, and plenty of fun for the whole family, take some time to learn about the course itself and how it made its way to Timber Ridge.

Amidst the slippery slides and dazzling arcade games that garnered unforgettable experiences for guests, Timber Ridge Manager Mark Fenton realized something was missing. Just beside the kiddie pool on the outdoor patio deck was an empty space longing for inclusion in the summer fun.

“This was a back deck that I noticed was not being utilized this past summer and wanted to create something different,” noted Mark.

He knew the space held potential, and teamed up with Aquatics Director Patrick Duffy on a quest to find the perfect mini golf course to compliment the indoor waterpark. After visiting mini golf trade shows that held the same courses as those on cruise ships, the team decided on implementing an 18-hole course. The 18-holes was divided into two rounds, with one round of 9 holes dedicated as Chelsea’s Chip Shot and the other named The Bruce, complimentary of the Grand Geneva’s championship course, The Brute.

The Bruce and Chelsea’s Chip Shot promise around half an hour of family fun, and can be utilized at any time during waterpark hours. Children of all ages can enjoy the course, and each round can be played right in your bathing suit. Make sure to grab some balls and clubs at the lifeguard station and enjoy the mini golf fun all summer long!

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