Grand Piano Keeps Playing

29 Sep, 2017

Have you enjoyed the live music played every evening in Grand Geneva’s Lobby Lounge? Then you’ve heard the harmony from our Grand Piano.

Now entering its second century of service, the piano is one of the most magnificent of its kind ever crafted. It was made in 1915 by Boston’s Mason & Hamlin, an iconic name in the prestigious art of piano making.

Since the day it left the factory, this piano has offered its elegant keys to countless performers and brought joy to generations of listeners. The first owner gifted it to his children, who would go on to win competitions, their skill refined on this mahogany relic. It was later loved by an ambitious musician-turned-engineer, who surrendered the piece to pursue his career. But he would only part with the piano under one condition: that it would entertain the ears of many, rather than sit in solitude.

Suffice to say, the piano found its deserving audience, and the tradition lives on here at Grand Geneva. Each guest who passes by enriches its melody, breathes new life into its legacy, and ensure that it has new stories to tell for centuries to come.

Stop by our Lobby Lounge and enjoy drinks and small plates while the piano man plays.

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