Pizza Party Team Building at Grand Geneva

23 Oct, 2017

Want to make the most out of a meal break during your meeting at Grand Geneva? Make it a little more social with this culinary contest where your attendees get to eat and let their competitive side show!

With only 30 minutes on the clock, teams hit the table running. After rolling out the dough and choosing which sauce to spread on their crust, each team selects a leader, indicated by the fun chef’s hat they wear! That leader is the cook who gets to pick the ingredients the team uses. Everything from pepperoni to pineapple is available for teams to strategize how to make the best pizza. After the clock runs out, the pizzas go into the oven and the teams have 30 minutes to design a logo for their pizza box and a 30 second commercial to pitch their business.

After the pizzas are cooked, they are judged on taste and creativity. While everyone digs in to enjoy the meal they made themselves, they listen to each team present their commercial. The entertainment is sure to break the ice! We’ve seen everything from groups singing Spice Girls’ “Slice Up Your Life” to comedy skits about their own company’s motto. Groups walk away with memories that help build better relationships to bring back to the workplace. Talk about ROI!

Whether your team is lucky enough to have an opera singer who can belt a beautiful ballad during your commercial, an skilled artist who can illustrate the perfect pizza on your box, or a talented Top Chef contestant who knows how to roll dough like a pro, your group is sure to find its strengths and weaknesses during the Grand Pizza Challenge.

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