Hollywood Game Show Fun

28 Dec, 2017

Looking for some laughs with your team during your meeting? Our Hollywood Game Show activity is a fun way to engage your group in team building that helps break up your day and recharge everyone’s energy levels. Our experienced team of professional team building experts customized the activity for this financial consulting group. They were split into two teams, including the president of their company.

The teams compete against one another in fast-paced challenges that require colleagues to work cohesively and quickly. For instance, this team is arranging letters to spell out the answer to a riddle, while blindfolded. The team who could spell out the most words won the round.

This game show brings out the inner competitor hiding in your co-workers, all in good natured hopes of impressing each other with your creative skills and secret talents. Whether you’re actively participating, waiting your turn or cheerleading from the sidelines, the entire group will reflect on the positive energy from this activity. 

Other rounds include arranging toys in the order they were released, singing songs without using words until your team guesses the name and acting out songs based on lyrics. 

And a competition isn’t complete without a winner! We give medals to the winning team and snap a photo on the rhetorical winner’s podium. Your team will remember this activity long after the meeting is over.

We offer an entire portfolio of team building activities, including this family game show experience. Let’s plan one during your next meeting or event at Grand Geneva!


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