Team Up for Teambuilding

30 Mar, 2018

Many hands make light work.

This statement is even more true in the case of the Grand Challenge, where collaboration and teamwork makes work easier. Grand Geneva’s expert team building coaches are passionate about showing groups at corporate meetings, events and conferences how time spent bonding together is worth the investment.

Not sure what team building exercise is good for your group? The Grand Challenge covers all your bases. In true Amazing Race-style, this compilation of activities and exercises will test your group, uncovering hidden strengths as you collaborate to build the highest structure out of spaghetti and marshmallows. We’ll work on your weaknesses as you move too fast with our cup stack challenge or don’t listen well enough during the final countdown.

We’ve got 21 challenge options to customize your group’s activity, including archery, rock climbing and mixology. The first team to complete all their challenges with the most points, wins a prize worth touting: Bragging Rights Medals!

Discovering your colleagues’ pros and cons helps your group leave closer together than when they first walked through the doors at Grand Geneva. Let us help you with your commitment to our group’s gathering and make it time worth spending together.

Request information about team building during your next meeting at Grand Geneva Resort & Spa.

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