Inner Artists

19 Apr, 2018

Your future is a blank canvas. Paint it.

If you’re looking for a unique team building exercise that brings out the inner artists in all your group’s members, we made this one especially for you. This new team building activity starts with several blank canvases and quickly materializes into a big piece of art. The exercise gets colleagues thinking about how they fit into the bigger picture. Without one piece, the art is not complete.

Our Grand Experiences team expertly crafts an image your group provides, often a logo or tag line, into many canvas pieces. They take care of everything. From setting up the paints, to piecing together the final art and building a custom frame to fit. And if you’re local, we’ll even deliver and help hang it in your lobby!

Let us help your team find their inner artists and make their meeting a memorable moment that lasts long after they’ve parted from Grand Geneva. Every time this group walks past their artwork in their lobby, they smile knowing their contribution matters.

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